Eat The Rich Skateboard Deck | Wall Art Quote Anti-Capitalism Smash the Patriarchy

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The Original Hand-Painted Resin Skateboard Deck Art. As seen on TikTok!

Handpainted 7ply Maple (2ply Canadian Maple + 5ply China Maple Deck) with Epoxy Resin Coating.
includes BONUS Mounting Kit so you can hang it up instantly.

Please note these are handmade and each deck and design may slightly differ from the next.

Add an LED Light Strip* with 24 Colours + Remote for an extra $20
Or Customise your resin finish with Glow in the Dark Resin for extra $5, or add some glitter for FREE!
* LED Strip does NOT include batteries. The customer must supply 3pcs AA batteries for battery pack, and CR2025 battery for the remote.

Smash the patriarchy and stand up to those in power with this deck.